Mel Bach as posted bibliographic notes to accompany Dr. Rosamund Bartlett's talk on "The Music of Russian Prose." They can be found here:

CamCREES bibliographic notes: Dr. Bartlett

Bibliographic notes are also cross-posted on the Cambridge University Library's new blog, European Languages Across Borders, which highlights items from the Slavonic, Germanic and Romance collections. 
After the resounding success of the Michaelmas term seminars, the next step of the project is a symposium to be held 1 February, 2014 at Darwin College, Cambridge. This is a quick reminder that abstracts are coming due on 15 December, just over a week away! We've already received a number of them, and the symposium is shaping up to be quite exciting!
See the 'Symposium' section of the website for more details.

Slavonic Specialist librarian for the UL and CamCREES secretary, Mel Bach, has written up bibliographic notes for Robin Feuer Miller's talk of three weeks ago, "Tolstoy's 'About Mushrooms'." 

They can be found here:
Bibliographic notes

The notes highlight related items in the UL collection and also works mentioned by Miller during her talk.

Join us tomorrow for the last talk in the seminar series, Rosamund Bartlett on "Tolstoy, Chekhov, and the Music of Russian Prose." 5pm in the Latimer Room, Clare College, with tea, coffee and biscuits from 4:45pm.